NAPCO Strong Etch

This super powerful formula effectively de-gloss those harder to etch surfaces, like coloured tubs and tiles, in record time. No more standing around wasting precious time on the jobsite, waiting for the etch to work. Extra Strong Etch gives you a porous surface that your primer and topcoat can grab on to every time.


NAPCO Etch can be used effectively on porcelain, ceramic, steel, china and glass surfaces.

Polyclean Tub & Tile Prep

Has been specially formulated to clean & prepare surfaces for Gorilla grip

and other primers before refinishing. It significantly improves the effectiveness of the primer and works well on a variety of surfaces such as porcelain, marble, fibreglass, cultured marble and laminate.


Apply the Tub and Tiles prep WITHOUT DILUTING onto a dry surface. Use a course scotch type pad in a circular motion to get the best cleaning results.


Polyclean must stay in contact with the surface no less than 5-10 mins while cleaning takes place. Rinse surface with water and dry surface before priming.


Poly-Glass® 320 Catalyst

Mixes with any Poly-Glass 320 topcoat resin to give you great impact resistance and the durability to last for years to come.


320 Medium Speed Thinner

Provides maximum gloss.

Lower VOC formula is not only compliant with government VOC regulations, it's also less toxic for the refinisher.  You will notice the difference - less smell, less toxic means your job just got easier!

Poly-Glass® Universal Catalyst

Mixes with any of NAPCO’s original Poly-Glass ® line of topcoats.

All purpose thinner

All Purpose Thinner is a blend of several extra pure thinners (reducers) specially formulated for product compatibility and optimum performance when used with NAPCO Poly-Glass™ topcoats and NAPCO Primers. This medium speed formula will help provide high quality and maximum gloss in most climactic conditions. Cheaper brands contain up to 10% water, which is not compatible with solvent-based primers and polyurethanes – resulting in hard to repair solvent popping.

Poly-Glass® 320 Stain No More Catalyst

Mixes with any Poly-Glass 320 topcoat resin to give you great impact resistance, extra stain resistance, and the durability to last for years to come!


Colour Dispersions

We give you the flexibility to buy only the tints you need to create your own custom colours.

Can be supplied in 2oz bottle kit – ideal for smart repair/chips etc